Testimonials for bodywork and coaching from Men


Juliette's combination of skill and intelligence, culminate in an experience that is out of this world. Her ability to tune in to my energy is unique and I have learnt a lot from her about being present to what is happening in the moment and noticing the subtleties of touch that I used to overlook before. The experience is transcendent and stays with me throughout the day.

 ~ V. San Rafael

Juliette's presence, touch, demeanor and attention combine into an experience that feeds my soul. As she so often says, we all need TLC in our lives !

-HB. Mill Valley

I visit Juliette regularly and she makes a tremendous difference to my life. Ever since my wife passed away I have found myself in need of attention, connection and touch. Juliette has become a dear friend over the last few years and I cannot imagine how I would be without her tender care to support me. She is one of a kind and and I feel very fortunate to have met her.

F. Oakland

I am convinced that bodywork with Juliette have not only kept me sane but contributed to keeping my long term relationship stable. Were it not for the touch, nurturance and guidance that I receive..things would be very different at home.

~ G.SF

I absolutely adore Juliette, she gave me one of the very best massages I've ever had, with just the right blend of soft sensations and therapeutic to make me feel  like I could finally relax and let go. She definitely has a gift and a level of personal attention that had me wanting the session to go on forever.

 ~ RJ. Mill Valley 

Juliette is probably the kindest, sweetest and most compassionate therapist I have come across. Her studio is really nice and makes me feel at home, just  as much as she does. Her manner is so easy going and friendly and she genuinely cares about you. She is more like a friend than a therapist and I look forward to seeing her every week.

M. Mill Valley

I have joined what must be a very long line of adoring fans. Juliette is an absolute gem and an extraordinarily gifted therapist. She's an amazing CMT (her touch is sensational), very professional, educated and fun to talk to and humorous. I recommend at least 90mins of pure heaven !
~ D. Marin County

When it comes to finding the perfect outlet to explore some of the kink preferences I have come to know about myself, there has been no safer, kinder, more open-minded and supportive person than Juliette. She has helped me integrate my preferences into my life in a way that has literally changed my life, my relationship with my girlfriend and my sense of well being. She is a loving human being who is an expert in her field. Working with her is an education and a gift.

~ B. Chicago

I was referred to Juliette by a friend of mine who had been experiencing similar problems in marriage.....Disconnection, lack of sexual interest, constantly misunderstanding each other and finding it near impossible to be intimate without stress and disappointment. My wife was too nervous and shy to speak to anyone about these issues but she agreed that I should go visit Juliette and report back to her. I spent several months seeing Juliette once per week and taking the assignments back to my wife to practice.  These assignments turned out to be invaluable and we still practice them today. Things have totally turned around and I now have an intimate relationship with my wife for the first time in a very long while. My wife has even agreed to come with me to my next appointment !  Thank you for doing the work that you do in a society that still has so much learn about sexuality and Intimacy. You have really helped us and we are deeply grateful to you.

~ AJB. San Francisco

I was super stressed when I reached out to Juliette to help me with some issues I was having with my "aging" body.

In just a few sessions, she helped me regain confidence and taught me a wealth of info that I needed to feel good about myself as a senior who was not ready to give up on his sexuality. She is so understanding and helpful.

~DH, Belmont

Testimonials for bodywork and coaching from Women


As a busy working married woman I see Juliette  at least 5-6  times a year to spice up my love life with my husband through the nurturance she provides. She helps me reconnect with my body and my feminine side.

~ P. SF

Juliette's care and touch are the medicine I needed after a rough entry into the menopause. I was feeling completely stressed, depressed and unable to connect with my desire or pleasure at all. Her guidance, coaching and bodywork are given me the confidence to go through " the change" in an empowered and healthy way. Thank you!

My husband bought me a GC with Juliette for Valentines day and it was the best present ever ! Her massage, her beautiful studio and her lovely disposition created an experience that transformed my notion of touch and sensuality. She is a lovely person and truly gifted. I know what I want for Valentine's. Birthdays and days off from the kids from now on!

~ S. Novato

When I met Juliette I realized that the world is a better place for the work that she contributes to it! It's so hard to find someone so knowledgeable and open when it comes to sexuality and who can truly support you in embracing your body and your sensuality. I am a different person because of how she has held me in my challenges, taught me how to love my body and helped me understand what makes me unique. She helped me feel again. She is nothing less than a miracle worker, with a huge heart and a desire to spread love and understanding around a subject that is so taboo for many of us women.  Her studio is lovely and feels like a safe haven.

-MK. Palo Alto

I am happily married, but always loved the touch of a woman – that soft  light connected touch that is so unique to women. Juliette gives that to me – she makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed – I have never felt self conscious on her table – I just melt right into her touch and my body and my senses are ignited in a way that makes me feel like I am floating. Juliette has an extraordinary capacity to make me feel both tenderly taken care of and nurtured back into my body, that I often neglect to pay attention to.

I have great conversations with her, always come away with some new insight and/or a great tip on how to please my husband in new ways and feel that she knows so much about relationships and intimacy!

I love her sense of humor ! After seeing Juliette I am happy and satisfied for months and my love life with my husband gets revived! Thank you Juliette for creating such a safe haven for me and for providing such a great and valuable service, not just for men!

 ~ C. San Rafael

I hesitated for years to get support and when I finally got up the nerve to go and see her, I wondered why I had waited so long and how much pain and anxiety I could have saved myself. Juliette is a kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. She help me work through my negative body image issues and taught me how to love my body again. She also taught me how to experience pleasure in a much deeper and more satisfying way. I really do have her to thank for the awesome loving relationship I know have and the quality of my sex life with my husband. Thank you Juliette.

~ LM. Oakland

Testimonials for bodywork and coaching from Couples


My husband and I are always looking for ways to express, and increase, our intense intimacy. We had been researching Tantric massage education and were specifically interested in finding someone who could provide couples' guidance in this area.
We contacted Juliette and explained what we were looking to achieve. She seemed like exactly what we were looking for - a knowledgeable source to help us heighten our connection. I have to admit, we were a little nervous... but right away her warm presence set us at ease. She was very comfortable with working with us as a couple, educating us about Tantric principles, and showing us how to enhance our intimacy and lovemaking through specific touch techniques. Honestly, I didn't think our lovemaking could get any better, but it has! The evening of our session with Juliette, we were up all night! We will definitely see her again
 ~ C & D. NYC

 We have seen Juliette 3 times now and each time is different and just as wonderful as the last ! She has helped us expand the range of how we interact as a couple both emotionally and sensually. I love being in her luxurious space, it truly is a sanctuary. She has a wonderful way of creating a space and a connection with us that helps us feel closer and more connected. Thank-you for many wonderful experiences.

H and K, Chicago

My wife and I contacted Juliette after experiencing some difficulties in our relationship. Things were not going well and we were looking for something other than regular couple's therapy....which we had done plenty of and had not really helped much at all. From the moment my wife first spoke to her on the phone, we were hopeful. There is something about her easy going manner that immediately creates a sense that you have the right person.

Without going into personal details, I can say that she listened, she offered options, she set goals. she explained what she saw happening with us and she encouraged us. We have seen her many times and every time we learn something new and strengthen our connection. We are thankful to have found her and honestly our relationship improved so much more with Juliette, than all those years of regular talk therapy.

~W & V. Sacramento

Although I'm not new to massage, it was brand new to my girlfriend. After searching a lot of listings and reading some testimonials I decided Juliette would be the right one to suggest.
When I emailed Juliette she got back to me the same day and she was extremely nice and offered some good advice. She made me feel totally comfortable and setting up the appointment was painless. We did have a chance to talk to her on the phone because I thought it would be a good idea for the two of them to talk and ask questions and feel more comfortable. Following the call, my GF was totally at ease and looking forward to it.
Juliette was very slow and nurturing to start and then got right into working on my GF's troubled area. I could tell right away that she knew what she was doing and the sounds from my girlfriend indicated that she was in good hands and it was perfect for someone's first time. My GF commented that Juliette "was one of the sweetest people I've met, she's amazing".

Couple, San Francisco

Juliette created a space for us to be able to talk to each other in a whole new way and to  learn how to express our needs to each other. We realized that we can work together on making our sex life satisfying and that our differences are not the obstacles we thought they were. We learnt new skills and feel more loving and confident. Thank you to Juliette for providing this kind of amazing support for couples!

~ Couple, Vermont

Juliette's couples massage was the experience we needed to reconnect again after a long hiatus in the bedroom. She helped us feel comfortable and safe to re-engage in our romantic connection and provided an environment that was sexy, playful and fun. We will be back!

-Couple- UK