About Sacred Touch...  


The desire for conscious loving physical touch is innate within us all. Allow me to invite you to explore the waves of relaxation that lie within your body. Share with me your preferences or special needs.

Massage for Men


You deserve to relax and unwind with an un-rushed rejuvenating massage. Whether you enjoy the surrender of relaxing in silence or you prefer the connection of conversation, you'll find me personable, attentive, and intuitive to your needs. Your bodywork experience will leave you feeling deeply relaxed yet enlivened and nourished.


Massage for men:

1hr:       $300

1.5hrs:  $450

Massage for Women


Whether you simply want to relax and be nurtured or have a specific need you are looking for help with, I love working with women of all orientations and encourage you to come and receive the much needed TLC all women deeply long for and deserve.  I draw upon Swedish Massage, and Taoist massage techniques in order to create a nurturing experience of sacred touch. Sliding Scale available for women.


Massage for women:

1hr:       $300

1.5hrs:  $450

Massage for Women with Juliette and Paolo


Surrender in bliss with the ultimate 4-handed massage with Juliette and Paolo.  An opportunity to experience the blend of masculine and feminine Tantric touch.


4-handed Massage for women:

1.5hrs: $900

2hrs:    $1,100

Massage for Couples

Working with couples is my specialty. I tailor my massage or coaching sessions according to your specific needs, interests and  level of experience.  

  • Do you desire to deepen your  connection with your partner or learn some new tools?

  • Would you like to be coached on how to give each other a loving massage?

  • Do you long to share an exotic new experience with your partner in a safe, conscious and fun environment or to celebrate a special occasion?

Perhaps there is an area of challenge in your physical relationship that holds you back from having the  connection you long for, or you and you partner have uneven libidos. Perhaps the spark has faded a little due to stress, kids, work and a hectic busy life? (see my page on Intimacy and Relationship Coaching)

I would love to help guide and support you on your journey as a couple. The beauty of relationship is that we are all unique. When we can truly appreciate that in each other, it is there is that you will find the depth of intimacy that we all long for.

Massage for Couples with Juliette


Celebrate your togetherness as a couple in a safe, fun and respectful environment.  This luxurious experience is designed to deepen your connection and intensify the spark in your relationship. I can coach you both in turn on how to create a wonderful massage for your partner. Perfect for Valentine’s day…but why wait until then! ​


1.5hr:  $700

2hrs:    $800

2.5hr:   $900

 Massage for Couples with Juliette and Paolo


Celebrate your togetherness as a couple in a safe, fun and respectful environment by indulging yourself and your partner in a delightful massage experience with Juliette and Paolo..

This luscious experience is designed to deepen your connection and intensify the spark in your relationship. Perfect for Valentine’s day….but why wait until then! ​

Couple’s massage with Juliette & Paolo

1.5hrs: $900

2hrs:    $1100

Tantra Massage & Education


Deepen your connection to yourself and to your senses through Tantra Education.


Drawing upon the principles and practices of Tantra and Neo-Tantra, you will be led on a sensory adventure into spirit.


We will utilize meditation, breath, eye gazing, Chakras and many more ancient Tantric traditions to deepen your understanding of Tantra..


Tantra :

1.5hrs:  $500

2hrs:     $600

2.5hrs:  $700