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Dark Tantra Education


Whether you are experienced or a new explorer in the world in this realm. I'll will teach you how to create a session tailored to meet your specific interests by weaving massage with light sensation play.

My Dark Tantra Education sessions are sensory in nature and engage all your senses. 

Tantra or Dark Tantra Education

1.5hrs:  $500

2hrs:     $600

2.5hrs:  $700

Tantra or Dark Tantra for Couples

1.5hr:  $750

2hrs:   $850

2.5hr:  $950


The artful combination of Tantra massage education and the kinky choreography of Bondassage are designed for the ultimate sensualist. Surrender to your senses in this exquisite experience.

2hrs:     $750

2.5hrs:  $850

Bondassage for Couples:

2hrs:    $950

2.5hrs: $1050

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